New Dawn Foundation has three main core programs that express their 5 core values: 

Volunteerism, Innovation, Ubuntu, Empowerment & training and Community. 

  • Ubuntu Changemakers
  • Volunteer Hub
  • Global Volunteer Program

Our cornerstone program is Ubuntu Changemakers Program in which we train youth to to explore our three services which are: 

  • Project Management
  • Grant Writing 
  • IT & Fundraising Tools



Community, Innovation & Training

Ubuntu Changemakers is a cornerstone program of New Dawn Foundation aimed at youth at High school, University and college level, aged 16-35.Youth get trained to employ business techniques and entrepreneurial skills to address social issues in their communities.To participate youth get to join our program through our online tool or ubuntu changemakers clubs already formed in their schools or form new clubs for their schools.

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Volunteerism, Training & Ubuntu

A  web based community of Non-profits and volunteers, where non-profits and individuals can advertise volunteer opportunities and source volunteer workers. In addition to the online resource site we host an annual volunteer Fair event. Volunteers who seek opportunities can apply at the Fair and on the website and read more on the prospective organisations they want to volunteer with. The aim is to give both volunteers and organisations the opportunity to meet and exchange an array of skills and career
development opportunities.


Volunteerism, Training, Innovation & Ubuntu

The global volunteer program is a volunteer exchange program aimed at international students and graduates abroad who would like to do their internship or volunteer to work in South Africa. It is an alliance program between Community colleges, South African Schools, non-profits and New Dawn Foundation.  Register yourself on our volunteer website where we can match you up with a volunteer or an organisation where you can volunteer. follow the link

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