About Us

Our Vision

“Youth driven sustainable community development. A better South Africa”

Our goal is to empower youth living in rural areas and supporting them so they graduate to tertiary with good career guidance, life skills, employable skills and a sense of self-worth.

Our Mission

“Mobilizing youth to accelerate the development of South African communities.

Our Work
We design, develop and make available spelling Programs for primary and High schools on a quest to improve English language proficiency for the students. Our program nurtures and encourages reading with understanding, an increasing vocabulary and proper spelling of words and knowing their rightful meanings. 

We also partner with youth who realize the development needs within their communities and assist them to access
 fundraising platforms for implementing a YES Project within their communities or at their previous High Schools, volunteer capacity and sustainable project management skills to organize their community development solutions.

Our objectives

·         To promote community building   through volunteerism

·         To support the social innovative ideas of young people with innovative social capital tools and training.

·         To raise the spirit of Ubuntu through social entrepreneurship

·         To encourage young people to be self-empowered through innovation.

·        To support youth with career building tools to enable them to  contribute their skills towards economic development.

Our Service
  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising and IT support tools
  • Project management

    Our core values

  • Ubuntu
  • Community
  • Empowerment and training
  • Volunteerism 
  • Innovation 



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