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As one of the most powerful countries in Africa, South Africa‚Äôs future depends significantly on the educational success of the upcoming generations that are in primary schools, high schools and tertiary institutions. The current hardships that students face in their academic endeavors can be minimized with the intake of Spelling Spark into your schools. This project aims to strengthen grassroots literacy in primary and high  schools. This program focuses on the improvement of spelling capabilities in students. 

This project was initiated after a national assessment for literacy and numeracy which was done in 2011 and the results reflected a disappointing 28% pass rate overall for the students nationally. Our program is aimed at helping the students understand the medium of instructional language and improve their academic grades

And while this Program is designed to take place for a few months, we view it as part of a continuing and open-ended commitment on all our parts to work tirelessly with the teachers and school management to assure that all learners prosper through our collaboration with schools to improve the children's educational success.

For more details about the Project and how to enroll your school, you can contact us via email:



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