To recognize and appreciate our sponsors, donors, partners, volunteers and supporters we have a special wall of messages that are heart written by our beneficiaries and staff dedicated to the valued contribution of all New Dawners.


Join Us!

About New Dawn Culture. Are you are a New Dawner?

New Dawners are passionate about making a difference.

They love to share ideas and are very innovative.

When it comes to socializing, they are very friendly

They love to talk about what they are mostly interested in.

Everywhere you go you are sure to meet a New Dawner,

proudly wearing something that T-shirt that says…

”I am the new dawn of my community.”

A New Dawner loves the community and thrive in family environments.

They will Approach their service embracing the spirit of “Ubuntu”

(I am, because we are).

A New Dawner loves to volunteer to help others where need be,

Will always try to build the change they want to see.

A New Dawner never says no to new opportunities and ideas

Coming from their fellow New Dawners.

They will do anything to promote the ideas of others and encourage innovation.

New Dawners never campaign problems.

They campaign solutions by providing tools to empower the communities they serve.

We appreciate your initiative and involvement in the quest to rebuild better communities for all!

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